Agapeland Summer School Will Begin 6/15/2022 愛加倍園暑期班將於 6/15/2022 開課

Agapeland Summer Program 愛加倍園暑期班

A seven and half week full-day summer program for students in grades K – 8th. Curricula: Bible, English, Mathematics, Chinese Language and Culture, Arts and Crafts, Social Studies, Science, Sports, Field trips and more! Extended care hours are available before and after school for an additional fee.

愛加倍園暑期班是為從幼稚園到 8 年級的學生所設計的 7 個半星期暑期全日課程。課程包括:聖經學習、英語、數學、中文、手工藝、社會科學、科學、運動、校外考察旅行和更多!本暑期班亦提供課前及課後班。

Agapeland 2022 open for enrollment! 2022 愛加倍園暑期班正接受報名!

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