2022 Spring Hybrid Adult Program 春季網絡及實體成人課程

Adult & Senior Programs 成人和長者課程活動

We provide a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for adults and seniors to meet new friends, have fun and learn. Programs are offered for both Fall and Spring Semesters. Fall semester is from September to December and Spring semester is from January to May. Registration is required for each semester. Once registered, you can join all the classes/activities we offer in the semester. Come check out our programs for this semester and register now!

我們為學生提供一個安全友好的環境讓學生去交友,玩樂,和學習。所提供的課程活動被劃分為秋季班和春季班。秋季班是從 9 月開始到 12 月結束。春季班是從1 月開始到5 月結束。學生在每季開始的時候都需要遞交報名表。快來看我們提供的課程然後遞交報名表吧!