Ownership Transfer & Property Tax

Thinking about passing on property to your children? Did you know property owners in California may avoid reassessment if the property transfers between parents and children? The Office of the Assessor-Recorder Carmen Chu and the Agape Community Center invite you to a workshop to share more information on Parent-Child Transfer Exclusion.  See Details | 了解詳情

Ping Pong for Youth

1/13-5/12, Friday Afternoon
4pm to 6pm
Free for students 12 or over with student ID & Registration required
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Giving back


Giving back to the community always seems like a later thing, rather than a now thing. You don’t have the money this month, and you don’t have the time this weekend, and you couldn’t make that big of a difference on your own, right? Not so fast. Joining ACC to make a positive impact can be easy,  and even fun! Check the 3 easy ways to get involved.